Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Master Bedroom Wall

We've had an empty wall in our master bedroom for 7 1/2 years.

Since we built the house.

Shocking, I know.

What can I say? The wall isn't wide enough for the king-size bed, so it's always been more of a walkway to one side of the bed slash room.

I really like the look of board and batten that I've seen on many blogs, but I knew the hubs would say no. So I got creative.

I found an old barn board in our shed.

Thanks to my wonderful FIL, I have an electric drill. I finally got to use it!

Once I hung up the board, I also screwed in some smaller boards on the top to make a narrow ledge. I placed some pictures and frames on it, but I still need to play with that arrangement.

Then I used my Silhouette (insert choirs of Angels singing) and printed out a quote and put it on the wall with a 3D effect.

Guess what? The hubs loves it!

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  1. That looks AWESOME Paula!! You know I love barn boards. And you got a Silhouette? WOW! Very, very creative with the quote, and the keys inserted. LOVE IT!! I know...you could have linked up this week! Darn it all. : /

  2. I love your new blog here!!! I wouldn't even recognize you if I saw you, you have long hair, and are beautiful as ever!

    Love the board, it looks perfect for that bare wall!

  3. Wow - the shelf is absolutely beautiful!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by so I could find you! And to answer the camping question - we were at Afton State Park. Such a beautiful campground! We really loved it - even with the hike in. : )

  4. LOVE that shelf you made.... and the way you decorated with it!
    hmmm. I've got lots and lots of old barn boards in our pole barn. My gears are grinding now. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. LOVE IT! Thanks for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  6. LOVE it!! Nice job! I want those keys! (not the ones to your heart--but the actual keys...lol)

  7. Paula, this is beautiful!! so creative. lovelove your new blog.

  8. I just got married on the farm I grew up on, and was amazed by all the fun farm finds I encountered. My poor husband thought the barn business was over. Nope. We are just getting started. Thanks for stopping by our blog today. I love when people leave comments. I have you on my blogroll so I will be stopping back. :)

  9. Your wall treatment looks amazing!! I have something similar going on above my couch, but yours looks a million times better! lol I may have to start over after seeing this. :)

  10. Cindy, I have done that wall three times now. Even with a line, I can't get the quote straight!