Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Spend Challenge Day 6

Still no spending here.

I’m afraid my posts are getting a bit dull, repetitive and boring.

I can’t help it. My son is sick again/still. Poor guy. He threw up in the classroom towards the end of the day yesterday, and thinks the other kids might be angry with him. He is still feeling yucky, so he gets to hang out with mama today. I see hours of HGTV in the future.

And Hoarding.

I’m slightly obsessed with that show, so him being home is a great excuse for me to catch up on all my dvr shows.

Back to the spending, I may have a problem this weekend. There is a big junk/vintage kind of sale in Monticello, and I’ll only be a few miles away. I reeaally want to stop in and look around.

Decisions, decisions.

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