Saturday, October 1, 2011

October No-Spend Challenge Day 1


The other day on Swoon Style and Home Shanna stated she was putting herself on a strict no-spend on home stuff policy for the month of October.

I rashly commented that I would join her, only I would go one step further and not buy anything but gas.

At my age I should have learned by now to think first before speaking or writing.

After looking at our October calendar, it may not be that bad. The hubs birthday is this weekend, but everything has already been purchased.  My niece will be 7 on the 30th. We usually make the cards and gifts, and won’t see her until November. If we don’t make something I will be able to purchase a gift before our visit. 

Hubby thinks I am doing this for him.  HA! My birthday bash weekend is in November and I need money to get my party on.

It’s 9 am and I haven’t spent any money.


  1. You go girl!!
    I think I know myself too well, and know that I could not do this for an entire month. A week, maybe...... but not in October. (Too many birthdays/anniversaries this month - a minimum of two celebrations per week. Uff-da!)

  2. Thanks Lori! February and March are the birthday months for us. Well, October has a few, too, but for some reason I thought ahead this year and everything is covered!