Saturday, October 8, 2011

No Spend Challenge Days 7 and 8


I had to spend some money yesterday.

Out of necessity.

I watch a darling little girl every Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. Her mom is a single parent, working and attending school, and her schedule at work doesn’t mesh with a typical daycare provider. My pre-teen daughter and I take turns watching her, that way we both get some pocket money.

This weekend, the kids got out of school Friday at noon. After we got home Iris (aka little girl) told me she was very hungry. Turns out she didn’t eat lunch at school because she forgot to bring it and she doesn’t have a lunch account (I can’t believe the school didn’t feed her).  All the kids had a snack, and then a few hours later they had dinner. We left so I could take my kids to the drop-off site for their non-custodial parenting time, and Iris and I headed to my sisters for the night. Everything was fine until I asked Iris to get ready for bed.

No pajamas in her bag.

No clean underclothes in her bag.

No inhaler in her bag.

No jacket in her bag.

No jeans or sweatshirt in her bag – only shorts. It’s going to be rainy and 50 degrees, people.

And she was hungry again.

I had to buy a few things for her.

Would you count this against the challenge?

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